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Investing In Student Properties ? Is The Market Mature?

The latest update recently published by The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)indicates that more than 100,000 UK applicants aged 20 and over have now been accepted into universities and colleges this year. These figures following the results of 2013, suggest that 2012 was a “blip” and that universities have recovered from fears about tuition fees and are embracing  the uncapping of student numbers, a good sign for those looking at investing in student properties.

This release confirms that not only the number of students overall is increasing but also with 100,700 mature students taking up places this year there has been an increase in the section of the student population of 6% on last year. UCAS also report that these figures are the highest number recorded at one week after A level results day.

The increases are across the United Kingdom with acceptances from those aged 20-24 are up 5% for the UK, and also  increases in all four UK countries. Another interesting point is that there appear to be a trend for those who had previously discounted university to reconsider further education. Indications are in the statistics released which indicate a 7% rise in acceptances from people aged 25 and over, meaning that 37,300 now have a place in higher education.

Mary Curnock Cook, UCAS’ Chief Executive said: “This is a welcome reminder that higher education is not just for 18 year olds after leaving school.  For many, the right time to get the most out of going to university is later in life.”

Overall UCAS as at the 27th August just 13 days after the A level results has now placed 471,530, people of all ages in higher education this includes 37,830 through Clearing in this period which represents a 4% increase on the same period in 2013

So is the mature student market something to consider when investing in student properties. The mature student has previously demonstrated preferences similar to those who are part the way through their degree course. Mature and second year students and post grad prefer their own space and student accommodation operators confirm these students will have a preference for the self contained studios . There are a number of excellent new studio schemes normally purpose built student accommodation that offer these studios between 18 and 15 SQM in size . The developments still offer communal facilities including in some cases a gymnasium or cinema room, but give the student also their own space to live and work. Investment Property Consults have access to such projects and are happy to discuss these with potential investors looking at investing in student properties.

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