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A recent survey carried out by Royal Bank of Scotland has put Edinburgh as the most expensive place for students to live and work in the UK and has indicated Portsmouth Students get the best value. the survey took into account accommodation costs and also also income available etc

After reviewing Edinburgh the surveys findings indicated Above average rent costs plus lower than average term-time income making it the least affordable. Interestingly the survey also indicated Edinburgh students however are still the highest spenders socially and spend above the weekly average on alcohol.

Other Scottish university  locations fared differently with Dundee coming 10th in the Royal Bank of Scotland Living index and Glasgow in 16th place .

Portsmouth students are at university in the most cost effective city for students in the  UK

Portsmouth Students seemed in a better position with Portsmouth topping the list of twenty five as the most cost-effective city in the UK for students.

2,500 students took part in the survey from across the UK taking into account a range of factors including how much students spend on going out to how much time they spend studying.

Also contained in the survey was the source of income and the survey found the majority of a student’s income came perhaps unsurprisingly from student loans, which on average were £161.14 per week. teh amount recived from student loans was  was four times higher than any other source, including part-time work.

As with many property transactions for the young the bank of mum and dad also came in to play . After student  loans, monetary support  from students’ parents was the largest income source.

Interestingly the survey also identified that only one in 50 UK students said they took fees, w, into consideration when deciding which university to attend. Scottish students who are studying in Scotland do not have to pay fees.

The priorities and prime concerns for prospective  students were determined  as subject choice, university reputation, distance from home and the cost of living reportedly  for 98% of prospective students.

A large part of the costing of living is student accommodation and so good quality well manged student accommodation is key . Investment property Consults has excellent student accommodation  investment opportunities with two in the south east of England in the pipeline register on our website for details.


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