Buy to let properties have long been a popular type of property investment in the UK where investors have seen this type of property investment as an alternative to pension schemes and bank and building society savings accounts.  It is vital for those looking at “buy to let” as an investment choice that they consider a number of different points such as local rental demands, demand generators, rental management and the potential for the area. We have considerable experience and expertise and are happy to provide assistance with this.


Possibilities exist within the commercial sector also, it is important to carry out good research on the local area and policies of the local authorities also. Trends have changed and there is now demand for fully managed commercial developments which can also offer the purchaser “hands off investments“. We work with experienced accountants who assists both UK and international investors to ensure that the purchases are made within the right structures. Previously a barrier to investing in this has been the cost, this is now more accessible with affordable opportunities where the asset has been split into individual commercial units.


Student graduates holding diplomas

This has been an extremely popular asset class in recent times. There are still opportunities within this market if clients carry out good research and cover all points as they offer excellent yields and a good return on investment. Students are now demonstrating a preference for modern purpose built accommodation (PBA) with expectations of en-suite rooms and leisure facilities with high speed internet connections. Other points should be considered such as maintenance and service charges, the operator for the development and the local universities and their programmes. We can offer investors opportunities of individual affordable units or complete buildings that deliver a passive investment with excellent yields and the possibility of capital appreciation.


This is a growing asset class that is structured similar to the student rooms. Government statistics indicate an aging population in the UK and a substantial need for care home accommodation that local authorities are unable to meet, providing an opportunity for the private sector. Again we have opportunities for investors to purchase individual rooms or whole developments. Key points here are location and the operator and facilities offered by the development. These investment provide good yields and are often provided with a guaranteed exit strategy for the investor.


These are seen as the ultimate “armchair or passive investment” . Properties offer range from individual rooms, and joint ventures, to the purchase of whole hotel projects. Branding operators and management companies are key factors as well as the local market when looking at investment in this potentially lucrative sector.


The London property market is diverse and quick moving. A recognisable capital city worldwide, London is one of the worlds most visited cities across the globe it is also accepted as a world leading financial centre. Unsurprisingly London attracts a great deal of investment not only domestically but also from international property investors. As well as pure investment many look to London as a city base and we can assist in locating individual properties for clients. We also have access to substantial developments for companies and individuals looking to invest extensively in the UK and these can be outright purchases or joint venture partnerships.  Investors can consider the traditional central locations or areas showing considerable potential providing different yields and return on investment.


Whilst specialising in UK property,  Investment Property consults does at time to time have opportunities in Overseas Property Investment. It is vital when looking at this that detailed research is carried out for not only the success of the projects but for the jurisdiction of international law the property is purchased within but also the tax regulations for purchasing in that country and if double taxation treaties exist etc. We do also assist agents and investors in packaging products that we understand that are sympathetic with the regulations of countries from where the purchaser may be resident in, for example Hong Kong or Russia. We try to keep abreast of developments in such areas to make projects attractive to international buyers across the world. For international buyers purchasing UK property we can assist with specialist legal advisers experienced with dealing with international buyers and tax advisers who have the same relevant experience. We also can assist with citizen investment (see below).


For some time the UK has offered opportunities for those looking to obtain UK citizenship by investment. The most popular ways to obtain UK Citizenship by Investment are the Tier 1 Investor Category and the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Category. It is important to establish whether the individual is looking for a passive investment or looking to invest into a business. We work with experienced professionals who will guide the individuals through the process and the requirements for the visa process.