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Are there good opportunities for property investment outside London?

There is constant media speculation that the London Property market is overheated at the moment and pricing has led it to be outside the comfort level  of many investors and so people are looking at property investment outside London but within the UK.

For overseas investors considering investing in UK property they predominantly want the comfort of  the UK major cities. In the UK,  sport is a global  ambassador for the area of  the country   we are fortunate that cities such as Liverpool and Manchester have a worldwide brand through the success of their football teams. There are a number of established  regeneration schemes  in these areas which leads to opportunities for good returns on investment and the possibility of real capital appreciation. Local government must be supportive of this with planning etc. so that investors from across the globe feel comfortable investing in these areas too.

This is backed by property industry leaders including The British Property Federation (BPF) who will today encourage regions and cities outside of the capital to identify acknowledge how a flourishing property industry can be an effective catalyst for job creation and growth.

“Ahead of the International Festival of Business 2014 Property Conference, Liz Peace, chief executive of the BPF, said: ‘It is really important to get the message out that there is huge growth potential in areas other than London.

‘Cities such as Manchester and Liverpool are seeing huge amounts of innovation and opportunity take place, and we need to let investors know that they are open for business.’

Investment Property Consults have a number of schemes within these areas that offer excellent opportunities for investment and will be happy to discuss the merits of each potential scheme with potential investors

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