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QS World University Rankings, A reason to invest in student property ?

2014 marks the 10th anniversary edition of the QS World University Rankings, which were first published in 2004. The decade has seen a substantial increase in the international mobility of students with many students considering studying abroad. There has also seen a demand for university rankings including a demand for university rankings with a global focus. These university rankings have become established and grown in prominence international rankings have come to play for those making decisions about higher education including parents, students, academics, university boards. It can also be useful for those looking to invest in student property.

The latest QS world university rankings released this week are interesting reading for those looking to invest in student property with UK universities performing well. In the latest results improvements in research have seen Cambridge University and Imperial College London overtake Harvard University in equal second place, and  with four British institutions in the top six. In addition to this the UK claimed 29 places within the top 200 higher education institutions ranked by QS. The USA achieved 51 which is not surprising given the size of the county in comparsion. The next highest performer was Germany with 13. This excellent performance by the UK is not only persuasive for UK residents but highlights the quality of UK universities to international buyers looking to invest in student property.

Within the top 30 places are Kings College London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol university. Along with the other results this year’s rankings represents the best performance by British institutions in the 10 years the QS rankings have been published. Warwick, Glasgow, Sheffield and Birmingham universities have also achieved places within the top 70 places. The 2014 rankings will also help British universities’ efforts to draw research funding and entice top-rate researchers and students. This will be important with the increased completion with the uncapping of student numbers.

So should property investors invest in student property?

Rankings are not the only point that should be considered when we invest in student property. Student numbers, course popularity, research grants, existing and propose accommodation in the area are also important and worth investigating further. Investment Property Consults are able to provide guidelines and further assistance when to individuals and companies looking to invest in student property.

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