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Do rising student numbers indicate a long term future for student accommodation investment ?

As teenagers wait anxiously for their exam results just a few days away, it is interesting to consider how many will attend university. UCAS in their end of cycle report for 2013 reported record figures but will this be repeated? With the uncapping of student numbers, there will  undoubtedly be increased competition between universities. Some courses have been previoulsy been oversubscribed and so will the uncapping lead to increased numbers attending these courses. The uncapping may also remove barriers to others previously deterred from applying for a university place. Do these points indicate a long term future for student accommodation investment ?

In recent times other than 2012 we have seen a rising number of people applying for university. This has been happening for many years and many of the students currently contemplating higher education have the parents who have been to university themselves. Of these a recent survey showed that over 75% of students whose parents who had attended university would apply to study at a university.

In the UCAS end of cycle report for 2013 there are also other points worthy of note: There were 677,400 applicants to the 2013 cycle, 23,700 more than in the 2012 cycle, this is an increase of almost 4%. The rate of UK domiciled and European rose by 3.4 and 3.9% respectively, non EU overseas applications rose by over 5%.

So what of the concerns regarding increased tuition fees and UK students? UCAS reported that “Over half of UK domiciled acceptances are from 18 year old applicants. In 2013, there were 219,300 acceptances from UK 18 year olds, +7,200 (+3.4 per cent) reversing the fall in 2012 and leading to the most acceptances ever recorded. “ In the 20-24 age group, acceptances are around 17 to 18 per cent of all UK domiciled acceptances. In 2013, there were 76,900 20-24 year old acceptances, 5,900 more than in 2012 and the highest recorded for this age group an increase of over 8%.

So were fears over the increase of tuition fees unfounded as these figures indicate that UK university admissions for 2013, show that new intake has recovered from the impact of tuition fees rising Mary Curnock Cook, Chief Executive of UCAS said:

“This analysis shows a remarkably persistent growth in demand for higher education from all demographic backgrounds and for institutions across the spectrum in the UK.”

These statistics are a powerful argument for those looking at student accommodation investment in the UK this does not mean that all student properties are a good investment and research is required to identify the more lucrative opportunities. Investment Property Consults are happy to assist those buying an investment property identify excellent opportunities in the market.

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