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Which Road should the UK Property Investor take North or South ?

Any UK property investor before investing in a property should first establish their motivation, as this will help determine where in the UK they should be investing. For the UK property investor is it as simple as choosing between North and South or should we look at other considerations. Newspaper headlines earlier this year highlighted this when figures released by Hometrack showed that for the same price you would pay for a mid-range three bedroom house in Kensington and Chelsea, you could buy 25 three bedroom homes in Ayrshire.

The survey took reviews data from over 370 councils across the UK and also identified other interesting key points for the UK property Investor. We do not only need to look over the Scottish border for the big differential in UK property prices the £78,000 average price in Ayrshire was closely followed by Blaenau Gwent, Wales where the average price was just £2000 more. The survey by the property analysts identified Liverpool as the most affordable city in the UK to buy property. 85% of the most expensive top 20 were made up of London boroughs with surrey taking two spots and Hertfordshire one place.

So for the UK property investor should they consider the more expensive properties in the south or the more affordable properties in the North?

There is no straight correlation between house prices and rental prices achieved. There are more factors to be taken into consideration. If the UK property investor is motivated by capital growth then London and the South East has previously boasted the higher levels of capital appreciation. However if it is the yield and return on investment that motivates the prospective UK property investor, then the North of the UK has more recently provided the higher yields.

The Key for most UK property investors is to try achieve a blend of the two objectives and there are some areas within the UK that offer an excellent balance of a reasonable price point and attractive yields. Within these areas there are normally key demand generators and sometimes guaranteed or assured rental schemes are offered to UK property investors. Investment Property Consults has access to various property investments to suit the budget and motivation of all types of UK property investors.

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