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Student Property Highlights Student Numbers For Universities

We have seen the recent headlines with universities unprepared for this years student numbers. Student property was the focus with reports that students were forced to share single rooms. With the uncapping coming in to place fully in the next academic year. Will universities be able to cope with the increased demands if an increased student population and will standards drop? It is not just student property that needs to be considered but all aspects of student life and it is interesting to see the focus points of different universities.

As we have mentioned student property was a clear indicator that the universities were caught out with the Governments policy changes to encourage university places for all. There are claims however, that these student are not only squeezed into student property but also rising numbers of undergraduates are being squeezed into lecture halls, .

We understand that there are reports from unhappy academics say that institutions are undermining standards by admitting too many students and over-marking work to satisfy ‘money obsessed’ senior staff. Standards are under the spotlight and interestingly “ about four in ten lecturers surveyed by the Times Higher Education (THE) magazine admit they are increasingly encouraged to inflate results, helping boost the proportion of top degrees being awarded.”

Is the demand for student places and therefore student property still increasing?

Last week Oxford University confirmed record numbers of students have applied to the University this year. The globally respected university received 18,325 applications for 2015 entry by the October 15 deadline, up by 4.8 per cent from 17,484 last year. “A university spokeswoman said it was the highest number of applications ever received. She added: ‘Through our outreach activities Oxford aims to attract talented candidates from as wide a range of backgrounds and schools as possible.’”

Cambridge has followed a different path following its record number of over 16500 applicants for 2014 and now students will need to achieve at least two A* grades in their final A-level exams next year as a minimum threshold for almost half of 2015 courses at Cambridge. UCAS will advise on the results of the latest university cycle and numbers for all UK in their reports due on December. If resources are stretched it seems likely that universities in the main will let private investment focus in increasing the stock of student property.

Student property can be therefore an attractive option for those looking to buy an investment property. However each student property should be considered on its merits and property investors should look at other student property in the area, the size and type of student property offered as well as the performance of the university. Investment Property consults have helped investors in their choice of student property that meets their motivations including student houses, studios and pods or cluster flats as they are sometime known. We have access to a number of different opportunities including complete and operational projects with a proven track record.

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