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More Students Accepted Through Clearing, Is More Student Housing Required

Just a week ago a level students were anxiously checking their results and UCAS reported more students than ever before had already secured a place on a degree course. In their statistical release they advised at that point 396,990 students had already been accepted onto UK undergraduate courses, an increase of 11,090 (3%) from 2013. So have these numbers increased further since A level results day? and have the additional places been taken up. There have been reports in the press of competition between universities to maximise the number of students that they attract. This has included cash incentives, membership of sports facilities and we understand even laptops. Most universities have updated their campuses to make the universities more attractive. Good quality student housing is also important as it forms part of the student experience. The new style of purpose built student accommodation PBSA with good facilities and Wi-Fi is preferred by the modern day student ahead of the old style student housing and shares student houses.

For those students who had not already been accepted then student have another chance of finding a university place by using the clearing system. It is part of the UCAS university application process and a way for universities to fill any spaces they have left for the new academic year. The UCAS Clearing update of the 18 August 2014 states that just a few days later, after the weekend over 20,000 additional students were placed at a university or college through UCAS’ Clearing system .This takes the total number of people placed through Clearing to 27,620 – the highest seen at this point, 11 per cent higher than last cycle. UCAS has now placed 440,130 applicants this year, up over 14,000 (3 per cent) on this point in 2013.

Mary Curnock Cook, UCAS Chief Executive said “Over 20,000 people have been connected to a future in higher education over this weekend through Clearing.

“I am particularly encouraged by the extra 1,800 people placed in recent days who have only just taken the decision to apply.

UCAS has advised that there are still opportunities for those seeking a place at university this year. This year saw an additional 30,000 student places available and from 2015 the student numbers will become uncapped increasing completion between universities. Universities will try to offer better facilities on campus, courses etc., to try to get the maximum number of students and tuition fees. One important part of student life is student housing which has developed considerably in recent years to meet the expectations of the modern day student.

The biggest growth has been in PBSA purpose built student accommodation which typically gives the student their own room be it an en-suite bedroom within a student pod or a self-contained studio. Student pods are properties that are divided up into a number of multi bedroom flats that each have a communal living space. The new student pod and studio developments often have a number of other facilities such as a cinema room, gymnasium or media room with good internet connection. They are frequently run by professional student operators such as CRM, South Street or Unite and are a popular choice for individuals and intuitions looking to invest in student housing. Investment Property Consults are able to assist investors looking to invest in student property be it the student pods, self-contained studios or complete projects .

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