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UK Population the fastest growing in Europe

The Annual Mid-year Population Estimates, 2013 released by the office of national statistics shows not only a sustained increase in the UK population  but also gives an insight into how these compare with our European neighbours

Figures from the ONS advise “The population of the UK grew to 64.1 million in mid-2013, representing a gain of 400,600 (0.63%) over the previous year mid-2012. “Over a 12 year period the “UK’s population has increased by around 5 million” (since 2001), and by more than 10 million since 1964.

When comparing the year up to mid 2013 the growth of the UK population was higher than the EU average and highest of the four most populous EU member states. The current shortage of property in the UK can be partly attributed to the increase in the population in addition to the low numbers of homes that have been built in recent years and supports the need for more properties to be built and be made available to buy and rent.

We have seen predictions of an aging population in the UK and this is also demonstrated by these statistics released which attest “The population of the UK aged 65 and over was 11.1 million (17.4% of the UK population) in mid-2013, up by 290,800 from mid-2012. The number of people in this age group has increased by 17.3% since 2003.”

This increase explains the continued and increased demand for care home accommodation in the UK. This demand cannot be met by the private sector and therefore offers an opportunity for the private sector to step in and receive good returns on this growing and sustainable area of UK property investment . Investment Property Consults have a number of exciting prospects in this lucrative sector with the chance to buy individual rooms or whole care home projects.

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