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University Student Applications increase by 4%

As many prospective university students anxiously await their A level results next week, it is interesting to look at recent reports on the numbers applying to attend university. UCAS in July published their statistics on all full-time undergraduate applications which had been submitted on time for the June the 30th deadline. The deadline marked the last opportunity for prospective university students to submit a selection of university and college choices through the main scheme. If applicants apply late or they do not achieve their predicted results then those striving to be university students can utilise the UCAS clearing system. UCAS confirmed in their 2014 cycle applicant figures that the total number of 2014 cycle applicants at the 30 June deadline is 659,030, an increase of 4% compared to the same point in the previous year.

There are two areas of these statistics that are worthy of note the first being Deadline Applicant Statistics, this advises that there were 659,030 applicants at the June deadline in 2014 compared to 635,910 in 2013 an increase of 4%. It is also interesting to consider where this prospective university student population has originated from,  UCAS produces a report that specifically reviews where the students are domiciled, the UCAS report the June Deadline Analysis: Domicile.

The number of applications as we have seen above has increased but if we review the UCAS report, we can see which areas have the seen the biggest increase. The Domicile report indicates that the number of applications from within the UK has increased by over 3%. Outside of the UK there has been slightly larger increases. Applications from the EU excluding the UK have increased from 43,290 to 45,380 a rise of almost 5%. However the biggest increase in university applications has come from outside the UK, from non EU countries where the figures have increased from 64,940 t0 69,060 an increase of approaching 6.5%. The uncapping of university student numbers may improve these figures further.

Investing in properties to house students has been popular with private investors in the UK for many years. There has also been considerable expenditure however, in recent times from institutional investors. There has also been a shift in the type of property that investors are buying. the trend has been for people to move away from the conventional HMO market and more to the purpose built student accommodation as an alternative to the traditional buy to let properties. There are  also opportunities in the market to buy complete student developments.

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